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2008.1st Jan.--- Started this page, to introduce our MIX KOI sale.
For the sales In international market, what you must be careful is "to import good fishes".
And at the same time, you must "to save the cost". To import good KOI with good price is the key for the successful KOI business.
Please tell us your request as many as possible. Because, we must select and prepare KOI as your Japanese staff for KOI selection.
MIX photos from our record of the shipments are as follows ; Please click the number to check the image ;
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14)

ALL OF THEM were "disigned" by importer (you)." Did you find any MIX that will be good for your market ?

Reference photo
The quantity per 1 export box
10-12cm 80pcs / box for export
13-15cm 55pcs / box
15-18cm 40pcs / box
18-20cm 25pcs / box
20-25cm 15pcs / box
25-30cm 8pcs / box
30-35cm 7pcs / box
35-45cm 3-4pcs / box
45cm over 1-2 pcs / box
The quantity per box is up to the total hours for delivery.
Please check the exactly quantity per box, when you received the estimation
(proforma invoice) from us.

Reference photo
The category of the "quality"
STD --- The cheapest category / for test
HQ-STD --- Recommendable price & quality for regular stock
HQ --- For higher level customers
TOP-HQ --- KOI for display for your advertisement
TOP --- Special KOI for KOI show etc
Qualtiy of KOI are roughly devived into 5 categories.
And TOP-HQ and TOP KOI, you can select by photos. And all others,
please leave the selection to us.

Reference photo
Please note, when you order "MIX"
You can design and let us know your acceptable KOI varieties in a box.
But, please do follow the rule, ... for example
10-12cm MIX, / KOHAKU rich
15-20cm MIX but NO GOSANKE
Like this, as far as you gave us the order roughly, we can follw you,
but in following case, we may ask you to change your order ;
10-12cm TANCHO 1pcs, KOHAKU 2pcs, KUMONRYU 1pcs ...
Send photo, I want to select STD KOI by photos
In order to save the cost price, we must to save the trouble.
Anway, please let us know youe request, when your ordering, and let's create
the best mix for you & your market.
The current stocks, please do check at Breeders' page (MATSUO) and (TAIKI)

If you had any favotire KOI MIX, please ask the price list to us .
And send your order, after you confirmed the Business Term

When your ordering, please let us know "the item number (such as KA011), the name of KOI (such as SANKE) clearly.
And please don't forget to tell us your nearest airport for the cargo arrival.
The delivery fee to the airport is very important for you to calculate the total cost.
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