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Welcome to your ON-LINE KOI ponds.

We are "EXPORT SERVICE Co.", who support your KOI & goldfish businessin your country.
All about KOI ... selection, hunting, conditioning, export, and the legal support ... the solution is here.
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This is the news about Japanese National fish -KOI- & Goldfishes.
About the export work of KOI & Goldfish, the lastest news at KOI farms, the result of NISHIKIGOI contest, how to keep your KOI in good conditon ....
Usuful information should be uploaded, (weekly?).
KOI breeders & stocks

Main contents,
Available KOI varieties, KOI photos for sale

* The introduction
* usual stocks for export,
* Special offer (Japanese ONLY)

* The introduction
* usual stocks for export
* Special offer (Japanese ONLY)

koi mix for resale
* The introduction, commercial MIX
* Current stocks (Japanese ONLY)

Your "easy" trip to Jaoan with our guide & support
(KOI & Ranchu / Goldfishes)
Hamamatsu Breed ;
Show grade RANCHU, JIKIN, TOSAKIN etc ...
* Ranchu - from "TOP Breeder"
* Japan "original" goldfish
* MEDAKA "rice fish"

* Fish food
* FRP pond
* Fish catch net
* Ranchu bowl
* Others
Japanese Useful goods for your fish keeping is available, here..The door to door international delivery is acceptable.
* To support your purchase at Japanese market /online store & ship to you.

* Reptiles / Import & export
Since 2015, we started to deal with Reptiles and other RARE aminals, with our business friends.
EXPORT SERVICE & HAMANAKO-KINRINKAI is introducing Japanese culture by the export of KOI, & GOLDFISH and other Japanese Traditional goods.

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