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At first Special offer
Please check this page, if you were biginner

Once we had the good value special offers, please let us introduce you by this page

Services terms of business
The service and advantage, what you can enjoy ffrom our company.

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KHV Company profile
About KHV & our plan against this disease

The profile, history and policy

KOI Blog KOI hunting tour
to introduce Japanese current news etc ...
We "want" to upldate, daily

How to come to Japan & select KOI by yourself

Message & Request Japanese (go to Japanese version)
Please send your request, comment & questions Our web page, Japanese version
Introduction of our KOI farms
Owner said …
The current stock
Nice KOI, ever bred
KHV report
Address & location
The history
Owner said …
The current stock
Nice KOI, ever bred 
KHV report
Address & location
The history

Ranchu, Goldifsh and others
JIKIN, TOSAKIN and other Japanese Goldfishes Medaka RICE FISH
Diamond Stingray & other "Japanese" Tropical fish

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