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Hamamatsu Ranchu
About the export of Goldfishes
Hamamatsu-city in Shizuoka-prefecture has been well known for Ranchu for years. It has the longest history of Ranchu breeding and the largest number of its breeders in Japan. We will export Ranchu directly from these famous "MAJOR" Ranchu farms, Hiroshi Ando, Kazuo Suzuki.
NOTE ; If you want any, please send a request to us by email, fax or phone.
You will be able to get photos or movies for your selection.

Stocks (sample)
Sold, Feb. 2012
Female 14cm for SHOW
Sold, April 2012
TOSAI BBR 3-3.5cm

Sold, July 2012
TOSAI for SHOW 7cm
Sold, July 2016
TOSAI 7-10cm


to find the best season to import your favorite Ranchu
These below are introduction of our Ranchu stocks in every season.
Please confirm this calender & price & size, and use it for your reference. The Ranchu stocks are seasonable.Please don't miss th eright time for your Ranchu purchase ! Thank you.
Ranchu baby 2-3cm
Feb. - April

> In early Spring season, the Ranchu baby is still very small. But, they have passed many selections.
Because of their size, we cannot ship them to overseas customers. Please wait until they will be in good size for export.
Ranchu black baby 4-5cm
May - June

> After 5th May, our Ranchu export will be in high season. The price will be Y 500, Y 1000, Y 3000 ... since many potential Ranchu will be included in this size, these black babies are selling well.
In this 60days, you had better take some !
Color Changed 5-6cm

> Once Ranchu color changed to red, the over-all quality was decided. And the price must be high. However, you can identify & purcahse your favorite one. The price will be Y 5000 - 10000 ...
up to your budget

Selected Young 6-8cm
July - August

> In summer season, the quality of Ranchu will be identified much clearly, and we can pick up show grade from our stocks.
Y 10,000, Y 30,000,, more higher grade is available.
Please request photos !

Adult / Show & seed 8cm +
After September

> The stock at each breders are limited, by their sever selections. The secret stocks, the local prize winner ... the finest grade fishes are available in thi sseason.
Also, seed fishes are also available.
The price will be Y 30,000 +

Show grade 10cm +
After October

> The stock of breders are very very limited, and we can find real show grade or seed Ranchu only, at thei r farms. If you wanted to have very specail grade fish, the Ranchu hunting in this season is ideal.
Please let us knowice your request to find your specail one
29th Dec. Updated


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