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The message from TAIKI KOI farm

Mr. Mizota worked for several famous Koi farms before he started his own business distributing Koi in 1997.

He buys Koi from different breeders all over Japan; so, all Koi get tested for KHV, SVC and other diseases at his Taiki Koi Farm. He finds this testing vital for Koi, based on his research and experiences.

Koi are separated into the different portable blue ponds that look like above ground swimming pools, by breeder and by date of purchase. After all the Koi are sold out from a swimming-pool-like pond, each pond gets washed and sterilized. This procedure is essential to safely produce a great quality of Koi.

Mr. Mizota always says to his customers, "Please separate the new Koi from the ones you already have and keep an eye on them for at least a week".

"The preexisting fish can be killed off when you put new fish into their pond. Many owners think that the new fish brought some disease, but actually fish bred in different kinds of environments and water can not survive in the same environment, so the owner has to be aware of this." Mr. Mizota says.

Koi and their water environment have a certain balance; thus, it is well known among Koi breeders that to release new fish into a pond could give damage to the balance of the pre-existing fish and water.

Mr. Mizota brings in and offers Koi with the goal of meeting the safe condition of his customer's requests. He is a reliable partner for importers.

Dec. 2007 at TAIKI KOI FARM

Mr. Kenji Mizota
Nice KOI, ever bred
かわり鯉 丹頂三色
These are the fish, from Taiki Koi Farm, which received the Champion Prize at the 36th All Japan Koi show.
The Kawari Koi won 55 BU SAKURA prize, And the TANCHO SANKE won 50 Sakura Prizes.

Taiki Koi Farm demonstrates its ability at Koi shows.

Mr. Mizota has placed many Koi on show and received lots of prizes, but he often places Koi on show under his customer's name; in other words, he plays an important role like a skilled corner man.
It is said that you get hooked on a show once you receive a prize.
If you are thinking of placing Koi in shows, please have a look at Koi at Taiki Koi Farm.

Address & location
Address 3999-1, Murakushi-Cho, Nishi-Ku, Hamamatsu
Access About a 20 minute drive from the Tomei Expressway Hamamatsu-Nishi Interchange
About two hours from Chubu Centrair International Airport
Facility Facility at Murakushi: Conditioning Facility
Number of ponds: 18
Facility in Nigata: No-Ike (mud pond)
Number of production ponds, where Taiki Koi Farm offers new Koi to and has breeders take care of them: Numerous
Order & request For inquiries, please send us an email. Please note that any inquires about KOI on this page can not be accepted at the farm.
And, the delivery by door to door is NOT available.
Map Click here, to check the location
The quarantine facility
The quarantine facility
The quarantine facility 2 The new quarantine facility
The quarantine facility 2 The new quarantine facility
The history

t has been about 20 years since Mr. Mizota of Taiki Koi Farm became a Koi professional.

He has worked for several different Koi distribution agencies and currently has his own Koi farm. He distributed Koi mainly overseas, has a great ability to pick out a good Koi, and has won a lot of prizes at shows in Japan.

It is amazingly reliable how he goes around Japan and finds Koi for customers; how he controls Koi's health; and how many close networks he has with breeders all over Japan.

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