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Company profile
The history of EXPORT SERVICE CO.
The introduction of EXPORT SERVICE

EXPORT SERVICE CO. was established as the specialist of fish trading.
The main products are "HAMAMATSU KOI" from Hamanako KINRINKAI, the group of KOI breeders in Hamamatsu region.
The KINRINKAI was established around 1980. The founder was Kosuke Nihashi.
Now, Katoh Koi farm, Namiki Koi farm, Nihashi Koi farm, Mutoh Koi farm, Taiki Koi farm are attended in this group as the member.

They started this KOI breeding by ponds for eel (In Hamamatsu, the eel production is very famous). The rich underground water, the large outdoor ponds, the warm climate was suit for KOI breeding.
Now, the amount of KOI supply per farm is sometimes counted as the No.1in Japanese KOI productions.
And also, their KOI is introducing to Japanese customers through Japanese web page www.koiexdport.com/jp/ and these daily sales is very usuful records & reference when we ship KOI to overseas' customers.

All KOI farms have their own pages and EXPORT SERVICE CO. is introduced their English page to international KOI dealers and hobbyists.
If you could enjoy this page as the "shopping street of KOI", this is our pleasure.

1998 OCT. EXPORT SERVICE was founded, as the expoter of KOI & GOLDFISH.
1999 JAN. The web introduction started as the internet stock list.
2001 OCT. Katoh, Namiki, Nihahi, Matsuo, Mutoh started their internet sales on this web site (for Japanese customers)
2002 APR. Introduced by SBS local t.v, program as "KOI from Hamamatsu"
2004 FEB. Introduced by Monthly Hamamatsu-Joho, as "the KOI export from Hamamatsu".
MAR. 50,000 viisitors (koiexport.com Japanese version)
JUL. The Ranchu authority, AKIRA NAITOH attended to this internet sales.
2005 FEB. At "Hamamatsu KOKISHIN University", Mr. Satoh invited as the lecturer of the export business.
MAR. On T.V. Shizuoka, the scene of "KOKISHIN university" was broadcast.
APR. On Mainichi Newspaper, KOI export business was introduced.
JUL. TAIKI KOI FARM attended to this internet sales.
NOV. HARUHIKO SATOH, Administrative Lawyer's office established.
NOV. NIHON KEIZAI newspaper, introduced us as the "Hamamatsu KOI is the international KOI network".
2006 SEP. Mr. SATOH invited an elementary school as teacher, by the offer of Hamamatsu city office.
2007 FEB. EXPORT SERVICE web page, renewal
FEB. EXPORT SERVICE CO. was established by the change of the organization.
The legal support by administrative Lawyer

The president, HARUHIKO SATOH have the authorized linence of Administrative lawyer.
And EXPORT SERVICE CO. is running with this administrative lawyer's office.

We will support NOT ONLY about KOI business, but your business with Japanese people.
And also, we start the imigration matter under new linence, since 2007, April.
If you had any requets, such as the working visa in Japan, the international marrige etc etc, please also contact with us.

278, Noguchi-Cho, Chuo-Ku, Hamamatsu-city
430-0919, Shizuoka, Japan

Tel 81-53-411-8106 / Fax 81-53-411-8107

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