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At first
The introduction of EXPORT SERVICE CO. & Hamamatsu, for all customers who want to know about us.
About KOI?
KOI (Crprinus carpio) is known as the largest pet fish or living jewel, or coldwater fish or garden fish.
And KOI is Japanese national fish and loved so many Japanese as a part of our traditional cultures.
The color of KOI is very deep like printing inks, and they have 2, 3 or more colors on their back. This is the reason why it was expressed as the living jewel. Many conpetition of their beauty is holding inside and outside of Japan.
And KOI is very friendly fish. Once they found you around the ponds, they will swim towrd you and ask you the feeding.

These are only a few interests of KOI & KOI hobby. If you had never seen any KOI, please try to keep 1 pcs, to come to this KOI hobby.
Information about "EXPORT SERVICE" ?
EXPORT SERVICE CO. was established as yourJapanese branch of KOI & GOLDFISH hunting. We are the "export office" of KOI & GOLDFISH BREEDRES.
As we introduced, KOI & GOLDFISHES are live animals, that must arrive at you in safe condition. Therefore, they should not be sent by door to door delivery service. We support your order - fish collection - safe delivery - import & export documental works - support after arrival.
The fish introduction, negotiation about the price with each farms, packing work, documental works and the support after a shipment ... all steps are charged by each speicalists. Before you will establish your Jaapnese branch in Japan, please contact with us.

Contries, we have shipped our KOI ;
U.S.A., Belgium, Germany, France, U.K., Mexico, Canada, South Africa, Czech, Austria, Swizerland, U.A.E, Malaysia, Singapore, Hongkong, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei etc ....
The advantage of the import from us
For the safe live fish business, live fish should arrive at you in good condition;
And it should be free from disease. Also, if in the case, the disease of unexpected case was happen, you must find the solution. To cure the disease & to calculate your losses for next step.
We believe that we can support your KOI & GOLDFISH business 100%. And especially about this business, the comunication before & after the shipment is very important,.

Strong KOI, show grade KOI, safe business support, etc etc ... all key for success is here as your advantagte over your competitors..
And all of our conection is yours.
To protect the profit of customers
For the safe international business, we think that the profit should be protected by law.
EXPORT SERVICE CO. have own Administrative lawyer's office and always thinking about your profit.
Especially, thsi kind of international buisness is difficult to find the cause of the problem, one it happend. And sometimes, the person who should take the responsiobity may escapse. In order to avoid this worst case, we are doing our business with many documental proofs.
Under the name of these authrized licence as administrative lawyer, we can suggest you the safe business.
I’m private KOI hobbyist. Can I import from you ?
Yes, we can ship.
But, the KOI import is not very easy like other goods import. Because, KOI are shipped by closed space & living, Airline shipment to Airport is ONLY one method . This special delivery by airline needs some cost.
If you can accept the estimation, please contact with the "FORWARDING COMPANY" and ask "what's documents were required" for your import& the custom clerarance.
All other things, we will manage at our end. Please don't worry.

Where is “Hamamatsu” ?
Hamamatsu is the city, between TOKYO and OSAKA. Because of the highway network, we have good connection with 3 major airports of Japan.
SUZUKI, YAHAMA, HONDA, these motorcycle manufacuture was founded in this city.
Hamamatsu is one of the warmest place in Japan, and we have no snowing all through the year.
This warm & calm climate is ideal environment for KOI & GOLDFISH breeding

Why no price information was on this web site ?
EXPORT SERVICE CO. has some different customers in the world.
Some of them are KOI dealer, and some of them are KOI hobbyists, and the others may be a customer of our KOI dealers.
And the price after arrival at you will be different by airfreight cost & some other delivery fee. Like this, the price after arrival is up to the cost for this shipment, and unfortunately, the delivery fee is NOT equal. The delivery fee is decided to the
it sometimes made you confuse.
If you had any questions and requests, please ask by email from the request form.

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