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Koi hunting tour
Trip to Japan to select and take KOI & RANCHU by yourself
Select Nishikigoi by yourself, for your import & sales
You can find many fishes via SNS and select them without visiting farms in Japan. But, we know your eye is much superior to whatever internet service.

When you had chance, please take the ticket to Japan & visit here to select & take KOI, RANCHU by yourself.
It must be very prescious experience and you must be able to meet with fishes, what you were lookig for..
The selection by your "hand" should be fun !
When you visited KOI farms, Goldfish breeders, you will be able to find so many stocks, what you didn't findvby webpage, youtube and other SNS service. There will be small babies, large adult fishes, super bargain commercal grades, permium show grade fishes ... so many fishes are waiting you to be selected.

For your own collection, for your sales in your market, the trip must be the best way to take what you really want.
* At first ...

When you decided to visit Japan to hunt KOI, Ranchu, goldfishes (and others, such as plants & other animals), please feel free to contact with us. (email)

When you send the inquiry, please don't forget to let us know ;
- Your name
- Contact number
- Your address
- Target fishes, what you want to take

... after we got your inquiry, we will ask more, and sugget the plan for your fish hunting.
The price negotiation ;
The direct price negotiation will give you GOOD PRICE
The photo of your selected fishes should be your record

* The cost & schedule
In order to concentrate on "fish selection & purchase", we like to support your trip as far as we can & want to present you the easy trip.
In principle, we will wait your arrival at the arrival airport (NARITA, HANEDA, NAGOYA or OSAKA) and bring you to all farms.
And after your schedule was finished, we will bring you to the airport for your coming back.

Plances to visit, please let us adjust & settle with you.
Up to your plan and up to the schedule of breeders and their location, we will suggest you the best plan.
The cost what you need is, "fee for stay at hotel", and "fee for food". (if any extra fee will be charged, we will introduce you in advance).
When the schedule will be decided, we will book the hotel by your name.
Breeder help you to pick up fish, what you want to check.
 To find "one & only" your KOI from the big pond !

 * Fish hunting, reservation & export to you
We wil join with you as guide & translator (Japanese - English).
If you cannot speak English, please try to find the translator by yourself.
Before your departure, we highly recommend you to check the detail, how to import from Japan. Fishes what you selected in Japan must be kept at breeders & farms. The fee for reservation until the date of the shipment to you must be confirmed at each farms. (usually, the fee for reservatio is fee, as far as fishes will be shipped within 2-4weeks).

( NOTE ; The hand carry import / to bring back fishes as your luggage is imppsoble)
To take very special fish is possible  
 Did breeder give you good KOI with good price ?

* Fish hunting, reservation & export to you
When is the best season to visit ?
Can I enjoy the sightseeing ?
Can I visit alone ? / Can we visit, more than 10 guests ???
... you may have questions & requests, up to your situation, plan and reasons.

Anyway, please ask me whenever you want.
This is our pleaure to help you :-)

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